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Patriot Ancestors






God, Home, and Country


Patriot Ancestors

William Andrews, Corporal, Patriotic Service, PA

John Barnes, Private, Patriotic Service, VT

Sardius Blogett, Private, VT

Joseph Bradley, Private, CT

Giles Church, Private, MA

Caleb Damon, Private, MA

Abraham Ebersol, Private, PA

Coenradt Esselstyne, Private, NY

John Hurst, Soldier, Patriotic Service, VA

Stephen Johnson, Jr, Private, CT

Conrad Luther, Patriot Service, PA

Robert McMinn, Lieutenant, Patriotic Service, NC

Jacob Miller, Ensign, PA

Jacques Missier, Sailor, France

Amos Mix, Private, CT

John Jacob Nicholas, Patriot Service, VA

Jacob Odell, Private, NY

John George Overmyer, Sr, Captain, PA

Philip Powell, Private, PA

Philip Prather, Private, SC

Nicholas Rivard, Patriotic Service, Canada

Peter Roberts, Patriotic Service, SC

William Rose, Ensign, NC

Peter Roberts, Patriot Service, SC

Henry Timmerman, Lieutenant, NY

Anthony Winston, Jr, Captain, VA

Joseph Yaden, Noncom, VA

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